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School Course Term Course ID Zip Code
E-R GNED 103 Oct 2014 mitchell57371 32114
E-R MATH 111 Aug 2014 mitchell52804 32114
E-R MATH 112 Mar 2014 mitchell14888 32114

Metropolitan Community College

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To upgrade your temporary access, follow the instructions contained in the email from Pearson Publishing or click on the link that appears under the course on the MyMathLab home page.  Temporary access is only good for 17 days and it's best to upgrade before the temporary access expires.  A permanent access code may be included with a new text or you may purchase an access code as part of the registration process (about $80-$100, depending on the course).

As part of MyMathLab, the publisher provides 30 min of free math help by telephone. Call the Tutor Center at 800.435.4084 from 5pm-12am Sunday through Thursday and use your course ID to register. Additional time can be purchased.